Monday, February 11, 2008

Tim Holtz Rocks!

It's Monday night and my feet hurt (Note to self: no new shoes at tradeshows, they cause blisters). But I have to report that I'm having a fabulous time.

As I approached the Ranger Industries Booth, I noticed Tim Holtz was conducting demonstrations. As I came near to his thrown...I mean booth...I said, "Look, Tim is surrounded by women, what a suprise?!" He looked up and gave me the weirdest look. Instantly I'm thinking, "oh crap, he thinks I'm insinuating that he's gay!" so I quickly added, "what a horrible job to be surrounded by beautiful women all the time!" He relaxed and laughed, responding, "ya, it's just horrible!" Whew! That was a close one. I almost offended one my favorite designers!

I was able to spend a couple of hours learning distressing techniques from the master...that's right the distress ink queen learned from the king-TIM HOLTZ! I learned how to be "fearless" with the distress ink, crackle paint and alchol ink. I let Tim know how ya' all tease me about being sloppy with my distress ink and he has a message for all you neat freaks in Alaska, "be FEARLESS!" Tim was passing out his demos for us to take home and the one I requested happend to have crackle paint, distress ink, grundge board and his new hardware. The stamp quote is especially appropriate because I've been worried about how slow it's been at the store lately. Tim can't possibly know how inspired I am by the quote stamp. He even signed the back of his demo for me and I was able to get a picture with him. I see a scrapbook layout with a tag on it in my future! Seriously though, the man is really down to earth and a lot of fun. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class at an expo, I highly recommend taking a Tim Holtz class.

PS...Be ready for some seriously fun/cool classes using grunge board, distress ink, crackle paint, embossing powder, alcohol ink and rockin' hardware!


carrymesouth-iamblessed said...

You lucky gal! Bring me some goodies :)

The Mad Scrapper said...

You know it girlfriend!

Kristin said...

I can't wait to see all you have picked out! Sounds like you had fun!

kimB said...

Layla - sounds like CHA was a blast for you, despite the blisters! Can;t wait to see what kind of projects you'll share with us using the TH grunge board and new distressing techniques you've learned :)

See you soon!

kim branson

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Xavier said...

Hi, I hope you don't think that I'm some sort of random weirdo or anything, but I was wondering if you were the same Kristin Lynch who went to St. James Elementary School as a young girl. If you are, you probably don't even remember me. I used to go by the name of Javier. Anyway, I just happened to be thinking of old friends from way back then and wondered if you were the same person. I'm now an artist making Pop Surrealist paintings and minimalist conceptual sculpture and writing in Seattle, Wa. Feel free to write back if this isn't too strange and also feel free to ignore this if it is (or if you are not she) and I won't bother you again. Either way, the scrapbooking looks pretty darn cool.

Everyone Needs A Goober In Their Life!

Everyone Needs A Goober In Their Life!
My 1st Place Fair Entry..I won $6, I'm rich now! I used 3 small acrylic stamps for the the flower vine and colored them with blue water color pencils. I'm thinking of teaching the techniques in this page as a scraplifting with Layla class! Look for it on the October schedule soon!